an implementation of MimbleWimble based upon time tested economics of Bitcoin. 



Deflationary economics

Completely private

Easy to use

What is Bitgrin?


BitGrin is a implementation of MimbleWimble a revolutionary protocol that allows for scale-able and completely private transactions. We reviewed the current implementations of this protocol and we are not satisfied.

Our goal is to fix the economics and improve the ease of use.


BitGrin believes in funding development through a small developer fee. 1M coins were mined and locked away, being released in 20,833 coin increments every month. This goes towards the BitGrin treasury to pay for development effort, design, exchange listing fees, advertising, and more. This helps grow the BitGrin ecosystem, while still being a relatively modest 10% of circulating supply for the first 4 years (or 4.76% of the total supply of 21M coins).
Economics of Bitcoin

We implemented time tested economics of bitcoin. Bitgrin has minimal inflation until it reaches 21mln coins.

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Complete privacy

Our implementation of MimbleWimble allows for complete privacy and anonymity to the user. No third party can see how many coins you have or who you are transacting with.

Open Source

Code to the blockchain and applications is completely open source, everyone can contribute and expand the infrastructure.

Ease of use

We know that ease of use is a major factor in the longevity of any protocol. And we expect Bitgrin to be here serving our grandchildren. Even non technical people will be able to spend and hold BitGrin.

Why Bitgrin?

Why we believe Bitgrin is the best implementation of MimbleWimble.

Sound Economics

The current implementations of mimble wimble are mainly focussed on the technical and less on the economical side which will  be huge disadvantage in the long run.

Visual comparison with Grin.

User friendliness

Total privacy and blockchain scalability doesn’t come without its downsides. MimbleWimble is difficult for the average person to understand or use.  Bitgrin recognizes this problem and seeks to address it with user friendly wallets and software.

Open Source

Bitgrin project is completely open source. Theres no central authority. Everyone can contribute fork or improve the protocol.


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Kingfish wallet is now ready! Head over to download section and try it out.


Bitgrin is a community project, it can always use an extra pair of skilled hands.


Come talk to us on Discord and share you thoughts and ideas 🙂

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